Conventional Forcible Entry:
                     Inward/Outward Doors


We talk about tradition like its part of history, but we may have forgotten that traditional methods still work today. Conventional Forcible Entry is a dying art with the new generation of firefighters in some cases relying on hydraulic forcible entry tools and power saws as Plan A. This has caused a drastic decline in traditional methods being used as Plan A in basic Forcible entry applications not Plan B. It has been proven by forcing an inward and an outward swinging door in some cases can be done just as fast or faster with a set of “irons” when compared to using a power saw on the same door. This traditional but technical segment will show your firefighters a systematic approach to forcing an entrance to provide an opening for access and egress on the fire ground. This class allows all members to force inward and outward swinging doors.

                           Through the Lock


Through-the-lock forcible entry is sometimes referred to as the “thinking-man’s” forcible entry. Firefighters do not have to manipulate locks at the level of a master locksmith to be proficient in this skill. Entering a building using through-the-lock techniques may be one of the most under-utilized techniques in the fire service. In some cases, gaining access through-the-lock may be the fastest, safest, most appropriate and most professional technique for entering a building. Our instructors can help you add through-the-lock techniques to your forcible entry “tool-box”. We utilize several variations of props, lock-boards and locks so you gain an excellent understanding of the devices, how they work and how to defeat them. This class allows all students to pull lock cylinders using several different tools, and manipulate several different locks or locking devices.

                           Saw Techniques


Most firefighters love to hear the words “grab the saw” from their officer. Some firefighters believe that they receive enough power saw practice by removing it from the apparatus every Friday and starting it in front of quarters. Our class balances power saw safety with simple techniques including hand and body positioning for various cutting. These hand and body positions will save you time and energy on the fireground. We couple these positioning techniques with basic overviews of power saw variations and blade types. This class will give you techniques and knowledge to remain safe, efficient, effective and very professional while utilizing a power saw on the fireground.

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